Company Background

Vanstar Civil Engineering Pte Ltd was established in 2008. We stared off with just a handful of workers but we are dedicated to provide the best quality work and reliable services to our customers. Over these past few years, we have grown with more knowledge, experience and skills. We are confident that with these skill and experience, we are able to understand better and respond swiftly to our customer's needs and requirement.

At Vanstar, we prioritize the overall safety of the society as well as the safety of our workers in many different aspects. Vanstar is commited to provide good safety working environment as comply with Biz safe certification.

We specialize in doing road pavement, drainage, kerb, guardrill, demolition, reinstatement work and etc. We are dedicated in building our customer's trust by delievering the good quailty services with good business and working etiquettes.


Our vision is to be one of the more reliable construction service providers in singapore, delivering long-term value to our customer.


Our Mission is to ensure customer’s satisfaction by offering cost effective, timely and quality construction work.

We aim

  • Respond swiftly towards customer’s requirement
  • Continuous improve and constant upgrading
  • Utilizing of existing resources effectively
  • Building strong business acquaintances
  • Promote safety working environment
  • Deliver quality work & services
  • Meeting customer’s satisfaction

Core Values

Core values have intrinsic meaning and they play an important role to organizational members. It serves as a principle that guides us in our day to day business conduct as well as building a relationship with the external parties.

They serve as a compass for our actions, daily decisions and motivate us to work toward our vision and mission.

We believe

  • Teamwork
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Safety
  • Excellence

Our Policies



Vanstar Civil Engineering Pte Ltd is committed to provide a safe and healthy workplace through:

  • Clearly defining the responsibilities, resources and accountability of every employees toward the area of workplace health and safety;
  • Ensuring proper facilities, equipment and safety wear are provided to all employees;
  • Providing adequate information, instruction and training on workplace health and safety;
  • Integrating risk management principles into all operations such as identifying hazards, risk assessments and determine control of workplace safety;
  • Conduct regular audits and periodically review for relevance and appropriateness to ensure continual improvement of safety performance;
  • Adopting good workplace safety and health practices and fulfilling the requirement of the Workplace Safety and Health legislations

Vanstar prioritizes the overall safety of our workers as well as the safety of the public.

This Safety Policy shall be communicated to all employees and make available to the public and any interested parties.



VANSTAR strives to deliver the most Cost Effective, Timely and Quality products and services that meet customers’ needs and expectations.

VANSTAR is committed to the continual improvement to the Quality Management System in order to achieve




Vanstar Civil Engineering Pte Ltd’s Environmental Policy is as follows:

We are committed to:

  • Comply with the applicable environmental legislation (Singapore), and other customers’ requirements;
  • Improve efficiency in the use and conservation of energy (electricity) and natural resources thoughout the Office, improving waste minimization and recycling programs (effective use of materials) throughout the Operation of the Organization;
  • Encourage environmental protection and implement effective pollution control measures (noise, surface water discharge and vector control) for projects undertaken by the Company, in order to minimize the impact to the environment;
  • Conduct regular audits and review our objectives and targets periodically to ensure continual improvement;
  • Provide awareness on environmental issues and sustainable construction methods for all our employees, suppliers and customers;
  • Committed to the continual improvement of our environment performance through effective Objectives, Targets and Programmes,

This Environmental Policy shall be communicated to all employees and make available to the public and any interested parties.



Vanstar Civil Engr. Pte Ltd’s Green & Gracious Policy is as follows:



  • Management is committed to implement the Green & Gracious practices for our construction projects in order to prevent and minimize the adverse environmental impact as well as the occupational health and safety risks.


  • Improve efficiency in the use and conservation of energy, water and natural resources throughout the office and projects, improving waste minimization and recycling programs through the effective use of materials, as well as minimizing the level of dust, noise and other health, hazards and risks throughout the operations of the Organization.



  • Maintain effective and regular communications pertaining to relevant project information for the affected stakeholders, neighbours or general public. In addition, we will maintain a clean environment at the work area including relevant areas affecting public, site facilities, which include the site office, workers quarters and canteen. Office and project site shall maintain good housekeeping habits.



  • Inculcate a work culture for Green & Gracious worksite with our employees and sub-contractors; and be responsive to good Corporate Social Responsibility through the provision of appropriate resources, implementation, communication & conducive working environment and relevant welfare programs.


  • Strive for continual improvement in all our Environmental, Health & Safety, Green & Gracious programs and activities.

    This Policy shall be communicated to all employees and make available to the public and any interested parties.